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Bixler Marketing Group, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative agency specializing in products for the electrical, utility and telecommunications construction markets. The agency is contracted to market these products in the Iowa/Nebraska market area.

Bixler Marketing Group, Inc. started in 1957 as Bixler O’Dougherty Company. Upon the death of Bob O’Dougherty in 1963, Jim Bixler became sole owner and changed the name to Jim Bixler & Associates.

The second generation of Bixlers started shortly after the completion of a 25,000 square foot warehouse facility in 1972. Jeff Bixler started full time in the spring of 1973 with Jimmy Bixler starting full time in the fall of that same year. Joe Bixler started full time in 1980. By then the warehousing operation had grown to almost 40,000 square feet.

Starting in 1994, the manufacturers represented by Jim Bixler & Associates began opening regional warehouses in Kansas City and Chicago. By 1996 it was evident the local warehousing operation was not necessary. The warehousing part of the company was shut down in June of 1996. It was during this time period that Jim Bixler retired after 44 years of pioneering the electrical industry in the Iowa/Nebraska market area, and defining the role of the professional manufacturer’s representative.

Jim Bixler sold the company to his three sons who by that time had well over 60 years of combined experience working for the company. During that time they learned the business and were taught the meaning of being professionals from one of the best in the business.

As a part of the transition to the new owners the company’s name was changed to Bixler Marketing Group, Inc. In February of 1998 the sales and marketing group moved to 321 16th Avenue and in November 2006 moved to their new building at 1306 35th Avenue. 

The owners of BMG, Inc. are life long residents of the Council Bluffs area. Bixler Marketing Group, Inc is continually looking to the future and plans to stay in the Council Bluffs area for generations to come.

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